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At LinkReward, we define a publisher as a digital influencer or a digital content provider with a clear purpose. The term “publisher” covers a large array of digital blogs, websites, forums, platforms, mobile apps, web apps, content networks, ecommerce sites, media websites or other sites with published content that might be looking for an exciting new, more optimized or customized way to earn money from their quality content. If you are unsure if you fit our definition of a potential publisher, then just ask us through the contact form here.

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A Fun & Effective Monetization Journey

Effective Monetization Journey

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Brand has dedicated a lot of time training his teams.

Each account manager not only loves to help and assist with questions, but they are independent problem solvers that test and optimize each of their publisher’s monetization mix to continuously improve results.

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Not only with our account managers, but our awesome tech team has also been carefully aligned so they can offer immediate tech solutions to make each publisher’s monetization journey as seamless as possible. The journey is built on a creative, result-driven and effective technology that does all the hard work and a great team that adds a ton of fun to the mix!

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