We are committed to responsible corporate management

To ensure compliance with laws, voluntary self-commitments and corporate policies, LinkReward has introduced a group-wide Compliance Management System. This includes our efforts toward Partner Compliance, Corporate Compliance and Sustainability.

At the LinkReward Group we operate in a culture of respect and trust.

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Trust is very important

We not only have a special responsibility for our actions as employees and managers, but we apply high standards to our own actions and expect others to maintain these ethical standards too.

Lawful conduct

We are committed to responsible corporate governance which is fundamentally based on integrity and lawful conduct. For us, this also includes a commitment to an environmentally friendly, liveable and free future for current and future generations.

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Partner Compliance

Partner Compliance

As an open platform, our highest priority is to establish a prominent level of trust between all our partners, which is why our partner compliance team proactively manages the risks associated with fraud and non-compliant behavior.

Our Publisher Code of Conduct sets out our partners' expectations for online advertising and tracking technologies. By encouraging and requiring fair behavior from all our partners, we ensure confidence in our platforms.
Corporate Compliance



The LinkReward Supplier Code of Conduct ensures that suppliers commit to protecting human and labour rights and environmental sustainability. Compliance with the code is mandatory for successful collaboration with LinkReward Group companies, regardless of local laws. It applies to all business partners and guarantees compliance with applicable legislation, such as the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act and the UK Modern Slavery Act. The code outlines minimum requirements for suppliers, sales partners, affiliates, consultants, and other entities that work with LinkReward.

Whistleblowing System

We are committed to compliance with applicable laws and ethical standards. In order to prevent violations and to react to them in an adequate manner, we offer a Whistleblowing System open to both employees and external users to report possible violations and ask for advice. Through the use of the tool, you may choose to remain fully anonymous throughout the entire process.

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Our approach to sustainability


We are committed to conducting business in a socially and environmentally responsible way. We create products and services to enrich our customers' experiences while also preserving the resources we all depend on.

We deliver a competitive edge and collaborate with others who share our commitment to solving important global issues through passion and accountability. We’ve identified opportunities for our own initiatives and are building up a sustainability function to develop strategies for the future.